1230 Supertech, Ready to Use Tile Adhesive

1230 Supertech, Ready to Use Tile Adhesive

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  • High performance cementitious flexible adhesive with extended open time and reduced slip for ceramic tiles and stones.
  • There is a version with Wintertech technology which can be used safely between (-10 °C) - (+ 35 °C) for continued application in winter conditions.


  • 5 kg multi-ply Plastic Tubs

Field of Application

  • Interior and exterior floor and wall bonding of, all types and sizes of ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble, granite, porcelain ceramic, clinker, cotto on cementitious renders, cementitious screeds and concrete.
  • Bonding of tiles on existing ceramic tile, granite.
  • Bonding of tiles on painted walls and gypsum. 
  • Bonding of ceramic tiles in swimming pools, basins and any other wet places.
  • Bonding of tiles on terraces and balconies.
  • Bonding of tiles on places where sudden, temperature changes occurs like cold storage, depots and over floor heat installations.
  • Bonding of tiles on places subject to heavy traffic, like shopping malls, hospitals, schools.


  • Perfect adherence.
  • Highly Deformable, resistant to temperature changes.
  • Can be applied on vertical surfaces even for bonding of heavy tiles without sagging.
  • Extended open time.
  • Easily trowellable.