2954 Epotech + Chemical Resistant Epoxy Grout and Adhesive

2954 Epotech + Chemical Resistant Epoxy Grout and Adhesive

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  • Three-component, solvent-free, epoxy-resin-based, chemical resistant, easy-cleanable grout.


  • In 5 kg units and plastic pails (3 component)
  • Component A: 2.38 kg
  • Component B: 0.28 kg
  • Component C: 2.34 kg

Field of Application

  • Grouting applications of surface coating materials such as Antiasit porcelain tiles, granite, natural stone, marble etc, for 2-12 mm joints,
  • In industries like food, textile, pharmaceutical and hospitals, thermal swimming pools where hygiene is required in industrial places where high chemical and mechanical strength is required.
  • Laboratory benches and commercial kitchen working areas.
  • Provides excellent results for joints in saline or thermal swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants.


  • Easily apply and clean.
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • Suitable for joints between 2-12 mm widths.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Hygienic thanks to its low water absorption.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface.
  • Crack, abrasion resistant and durable.
  • Easy to apply with 60 minutes pot life at 25°C.