4506 Kalekim Dolgulu Astar, Smooth Surface Primer

4506 Kalekim Dolgulu Astar, Smooth Surface Primer

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  • Solvent-free, polymer dispersion based, pigmented primer


  • 5 kg plastic buckets.

Field of Application

  • Smooth and dense surfaces such as tile, sandstone, marble, clinker, plywood and also absorbent surfaces such as gypsum, plaster, concrete, screed, wood
  • It is not suitable for wet-duty areas or areas which are permanently submerged


  •  Increases the adhesion strength of tile adhesives on smooth and glossy surfaces by forming a rough surface
  • Reinforces the substrate and thus increases the adhesion of tile adhesive on unsound surfaces
  • Ready to use. Easily applicable with either roller or brush
  • Solvent - free. Does not smell and does not harm to environment